ProFaNE Taxonomy


ProFaNE's original Workpackage 1, led by Clemens Becker and Sallie Lamb, not only published a consensus outcome measures [1] for use in falls prevention intervention research, they also published a recommendation for a definitive falls definition and measurement of falls [2] and they worked on a taxonomy (naming and classification system) for falls prevention interventions so that in the future there could be meta-analyses of the different types of interventions. The taxonomy was designed for three purposes:

(1) To characterise and classify existing fall prevention interventions - such as those published in the literature as well as clinical services.

(2) To encourage authors of new interventions to report the intervention in such away that it can be replicated and understood by others.

(3) To assist designers of new interventions to consider the range of factors that should be considered in developing and reporting a new intervention and to assist with pre-specification of a framework (model) explaining effectiveness for future testing.

It is being used by the Cochrane Collaboration and Reviewers [3,4,5] and other groups [6] to characterise interventions, map research activity to date and identify areas which need more research.


You can download the taxonomy here


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